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   OnLine Backup


On Line Backup for PCs and Macs

Today, most businesses and individuals are clear about the need to protect their most important asset - their data. Human error, a computer crash, a virus, flood, fire or theft can all too easily put this data at risk.

Utilising your broadband service while it is unused overnight, off site backup provides a secure, remote and robust way of guarding your critical documents and information against loss.

A simple programme is loaded on to the Mac or PC and a selection of the vital documents, folders and email folders is made. A schedule is set for the backup time, e.g. 6pm every weekday, and that‘s it - peace of mind.

The service is priced per month, or if you sign up for a year you‘ll pay the equivalent of 10 months for the whole year.

Single PC or laptop costs £10 per month or £100 per year.
2nd PC costs £7 per month or £70 per year.
3rd and subsequent PCs cost £5 per month or £50 per year.

If you sign up for monthly coverage, you‘ll be billed again automatically each month until you cancel the service.
If you sign up for the annual coverage you‘ll be billed again automaticity 1 year from the initial payment until you cancel the service.

Backup space in unlimited.

If you'd like to purchase the service, please use the secure PayPal button below to select the service you require, once we‘ve received confirmation of your payment we will immediately email you back your login and installation details. Setup is simple, and we provide all the support you‘ll require.

Recurring Subscription